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I was a bit occupied with other things such as having been dead busy at work and a complete three weeks offline holiday in the German forests amongst other occurrences. Which of course does not mean at all that I was not knitting or crocheting. It just means there was no time or opportunity left for blogging.

Now a little update on my recent successes and mishaps and I think I will start with the latter.

The Lorenz manifold: On my third attempt to mount the Lorenz manifold the last two rounds broke because the wire was too thick this time.  I will have to open up the last one and a half rounds and redo them. Then I noticed yesterday that a moth had eaten into it which really deflated me. But  I ‘m certainly not giving up on mounting the manifold alth0ugh it might take me quite some time to find the right wire. It really doesn’t surprise me that there are not many mounted Lorenz manifolds on the web.

The green thing: Maggie Smith remarks in Gosford Park: ‘Tricky colour, green.’ Whether she says it out of spite about the one and only party dress of the poorest member of the party or because it really is her opinion, it might well be both, I find it’s very true.

Now, I have this green thing going, and green really is not my favourite colour, and not this shade of green anyway, but it all came over me so quickly. Recycling yarn is sometimes weird. I bought a knitted linen top for a pound in a charity shop. It was my size, not really my colour, but is went with a couple of skirts I’ve got.  After wearing the top twice, more out of necessity (all other tops in the wash) than pleasure, I noticed it had a little hole in the back, which wasn’t a big problem because I had worn the top tucked into my skirts. Not having been too happy with it anyway but being linen (i.e. nice yarn) I opened it up. I always wanted to try this particular crochet motive, and this linen yarn seemed to be the right one .

The first motive looked nice and when I had crocheted the second onto the first I little butterflies appeared. I proceeded figuring out a net pattern for some sort of ‘skirt body’ repeating the bobbles of the original motive. I decided to vary the bobble pattern theme and alternate bobble patterns according to Fibonacci numbers. That solves the problem of having to decide for yourself for how long to crochet a stitch pattern. I liked it so much – funnily it’s looking especially good in this shade of green  – that I started a skirt. Yes, well at first, now it has actually become a dress, because there was enough yarn for one in the end. It’s now a question of finishing it off. Making the lining will be the worst bit. I’m not particularly good at sewing.

I’ve started another Curve of Pursuit last Monday while catching up on Ugly Betty on 4 on demand. This one will be for my mum. She gave me a 1 ply light blue lambswool and dark green Shetland style wool, well, I went through her stash during my holidays at her place and when I said I would like to make a Curve of Pursuit for her from it she was delighted. I found a third colour at home (a pink lambswool jumper that I tripled to match the thickness of the other woo) that I originally wanted to use to frame the Curve, but I decided to use it in the Curve to be able to make the afghan as big as possible with the limited amounts of yarn I have got.

Although I liked the combination of light blue and dark green in the beginning, while knitting I had second thoughts. Actually I didn’t like it anymore, especially the green had become too dark for my taste (difficult colour, green),  until my son assured me that it will look good in the end, although, he said, not as good as the other one.


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Before it went into the wash

Finished crocheting the Lorenz manifold and it’s in the washing machine as we speak. It felt a bit odd having finished it. I’m sure it will be a pretty thing being mounted… if ever I will get that far.

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Having managed half

The amount of mistakes I make is just unbelievable. Two days ago I missed out a stitch. Everything seemed all right. The amount of stitches of the preceding round was correct. The amount of increases in the actual round were correct, but when I marked the increases for the next round, however, whichever way I counted one stitch was missing. It took me a whole hour to come up with something clever to figure out what was wrong. I took a thread in the contrasting colour and weaved it through the round, yarn under meaning odd stitch, yarn over even stitch. Only then was I able to see that I had missed a stitch. Since then it’s going very smoothly without any problems. I have now finished half of it and am looking forward to the second half.

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Buying safety pins to count out increases beforehand was such a good idea.
It takes a little to count but the crocheting goes smoothly and there is less room for mistakes. I can drop the work at any time and don’t need to figure out where I am when I pick the piece up again. I use golden ones for the increases and occasional silver ones for extra points such as 100 for orientation and as checkpoints when I count.

Lorenz manifold up to round 20

It’s interesting to see that at round 20 it folds up already quite a bit. See top right of above picture.

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I started the Lorenz manifold on 1st May. What a nice date to start such a project.

The first few rounds

The yarn unravels and crochets like a dream, which is usually the case for good lambswool jumpers, even when they have been worn and washed a lot.

Rounds 1 to 7

The first few rounds are easy enough. But I’m still trying to figure out how to count out the stitches effectively from round 8 onwards. At the moment I use a mixture of counting the stitches in between increases and counting the increases in advance, as the fancy takes me. I will get more safety pins tomorrow as I think from now on counting out increases beforehand is the best thing to do.

Up to round 18

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I think I’m completely hocked on mathematical patterns now. After the Golden Spiral, which still demands to be finished off and has occupied my mind for a decision how to finish it for the best part of one week without being able to do anything else, I have set my mind on doing the Lorenz manifold. That should give me enough time to come up with a solution for finishing the Golden Spiral. Years ago I came across the pattern on the web but of course never did it.

Yesterday evening from the top shelf of my wardrobe I got out my lambswool jumpers set aside for the purpose of making a large wall hanging with a poem, which I am currently designing. But since lambswool jumpers are easily replaced and I am not happy with the colour scheme of the jumpers I collected so far I might as well use a couple for the Lorenz manifold. I fell for an salmon and red combination. The metreage is about 700 m /100 g.

I’m frogging away while in between desperately looking for my one and only 2.5 mm crochet hook that I use for most crochet projects. I’m idiotically attached to this crochet hook. It’s almost like a friend to me.

I’m intent on mounting the Lorenz manifold as I think the only reason for making it is its beauty when properly displayed as one. As it should be much smaller than earlier models it should, I hope, be easier to mount.

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