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Image problems

I still haven’t managed to post the Pink Pea Pod shawl pattern. I have everything written up and created all charts but just can’t manage to make a nice picture of it other than close ups. No photo quite satisfies me and I think I will have to ask someone to model for me.

Image problems, of course, do not deter me from knitting and am currently working on a red hat based on the Spinning a Yarn pattern by Pat Ashforth and Steve Plummer. I absolutely adore their geometric patterns, but until now had never managed to knit one.

The pattern is easy to follow, if you don’t mind counting a lot and and are fine with fiddling about with needles.

I took odd balls of two former recycling projects. They are completely different yarns but knit up well together.


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I finished the Pink Pea Pod shawl, bored or not. Here blocked. I’m about to finish off writing up the pattern. But there are no ‘pleasing’ pictures as yet.

I’ve already worn the shawl to a party. When I cycled home that night I thought I had taken good care to knot the shawl up in such a way that it couldn’t get caught. Well… it did get caught. I hadn’t even cycled 100 m when I noticed that something was wrong. Immediately hot and cold shudders ran up and down my spine. I had this overpowering picture in my mind of my beautiful, new shawl being torn up and smeared with dirty bicycle grease. And the strangest thing was that I couldn’t even stop cycling. I had to consciously tell myself to stop. The shawl had got stuck onto the rear break cable, which is relatively new. Nothing was broken. Phew!

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The Pink Pea Pod shawl is about to bore me. I am working on the second border and I can’t help it, it’s not very satisfying to knit at the moment. I can’t wait for it to be long enough to be finished off with the edging I have already designed. What’s worse, I was already envisaging myself wearing it to a do in a couple of weeks and I’m nowhere near the finishing line because I’m putting off knitting whenever possible. I’d rather do the washing than knit.


What’s more, Winter is approaching, which means making socks and cosy jumpers for my son. So, I’m really not thinking of finishing the shawl.

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After crocheting a pair of pot handlers I think I had enough of crocheting for the time being and am now working on another shawl.

Here the swatch for Pink Pea Pod


It’s a very thin lambswook/angora yarn from an old Laura Ashley vest that I bought ages ago only because of the colour but never had a clue what to make from it until I scoured Knittingfool again and fell in love with the pea pod pattern. I have managed 20 pea pod repeats so far and it’s coming along nicely.

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