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I stumbled upon another Woolly Thoughts pattern that I really like: Points of Departure. Points of Departure are crochet circles that form a square blanket when put together. They form a very bumpy texture. Something more 3D for a change. That made me think I could use it to make a big warm wrap. I don’t want to go for one single colour, I find that a bit boring to crochet. So, I got all my cashmere odd balls out and some material not so odd.  I have now opened up at least five more jumpers to experiment a bit with colours and decided to make the main colour dark red with purple, brown, pink, apricot and a little green. I think I will have to make about 270 circles to put together a decent size wrap.

My son likes the circles. He thinks I should crochet lots and not join them. Just keep them for the sake of beauty. What a lovely thought.


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