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Making a move

I moved to a new website, Recycle Knits. Check my blog and other pages, with vintage patterns (well, just one so far) and my own designs (also just one so far), but more to come.

I hope you’ll like it.



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I found some yellow wool and cotton mix yarn in my mothers unending yarn stash. Someone, my mother said it wasn’t her, had made something out of it before but decided to frog it again. It was a heap of unwound mess that took me half a day to untangle. (By the way, never fasten frogged yarn for washing with a rubber band. When the rubber ages it will deteriorate and amalgamate with the yarn. First yellow lesson!) I took inspiration from a vintage pattern with an asymmetric collar published in the January 1933 issue of Die Schachenmayrin (pdf provided on lovely Tichiro’s website). I tried to be clever and knitted the body in he round because it’s quicker but was punished, of course! Unfortunately, and didn’t I know it?, in the round the eyelet pattern doesn’t knit up as smoothly as it does in rows, even after washing. Second yellow lesson! It’s not that obvious in the picture but in real life, and for me anyway, it’s too obvious not to be an annoyance. Otherwise, I think, I’ve done a good job, even though I’m saying it myself. So, here I am, what do I do? Do I try to be strong and ignore it? Can my ignorance be stronger than my perfectionism? Or do I please my perfectionism and knit the jumper again with some other yarn and leave this to be frogged again at some point? You may think what a waste of time and effort to make a another jumper but as my mother used to say to me: Why do you ask me what you should do, you’ve already made up your mind? So, new jumper it is.

For all people who, like me, have to get over a slight disappointment here a youtube video of Dandash, I think I can safely say my favourite belly dancer, in rehearsal. She is great of course, those hip moves are to die for, but also, the drummer’s smiling face and the obvious fun he has never fail to cheer me up.

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Leaves wrap

Blaetter Bild1After having gone underground for over a year I managed to resurface the day before yesterday with my first commercial knitting pattern, the Leaves wrap on Ravelry. It’s a true recycled object, with the white version made from a recycled M&S jumper, and I have meanwhile, after having worn it for a while, handed it to the next person to enjoy. The second version I knitted with a commercial yarn, Jamieson & Smith 2ply lace in Shetland black. I can’t let customers guess completely, can I? Along the lines of: frog a jumper, use the yarn for my pattern and hope it will work.

Hope you like it!


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Here my first modules put together. Only more than halfway through doing all these I figured that I don’t need to cut a full square becuase the corners are cut away and can therefore  use the shrunk jumper pieces more efficiently by placing the template running over the pieces.

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Sometimes commercial jumpers are not fit for frogging. I don’t know whether they come like this or become like this in the wash but some yarns just disintegrate when you try to unravel them. That is pretty annoying but being me I can’t throw them away but have to put them with all those jumpers that found an accidental shrink in the washing machine (I get my wool cycle a bit wrong sometimes). In my unfathomable depth of positivity I tell myself that something will become of them one day…


Second test

It seems this ‘one day…’ has come, I am making something. I stumbled upon this modular felt trivet on How about Orange and thought, that’s it!

Because the trivets are made from commercial felt whereas I have just shrunk knitwear, I made a few tests. My first test I seriously don’t want to show anyone. The felted pieces are not stiff enough to be cut properly. They give way, especially when I cut them with the scalpel. I used my little sharp embroidery scissors whenever possible. For the second test, and in the hope that the resulting fabric would be denser, I shrunk them again with another wash at 60 degrees . My second test looks very encouraging. I first enlarged the template to about 13 cm square because I didn’t like the look of the little squares. Cutting  bigger squares was easier, but I still had to be careful.

I’m pretty chuffed with my second test. I think I will make some wall art with the rest of the pile. More on this next weekend.

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Third! Curve of Pursuit

I did a bit of Popknitting making a tea cosy for my cubical Goblin teapots out of some odd balls that I had left from making my third Curve of Pursuit afghan (yes, third; I simply love that pattern; this one is made from a stash of yellow, pink and bright red mohair/silk yarn dating as far back as the 1980s). Goblin teapots belong to Teasmades, those glorious machines that make tea for you in the morning without you having to get up. Not that I use my two Teasmades. They are pure pieces of decoration. But I have two single teapots that I regularly use.

I love Popknitting. It’s big and bold and beautiful. I used the ‘slipped stitches to form welts‘ pattern from pages 56 and 57. I started from the handle knitting on both sides of the yellow cast-on. After one welt I switched to alternating pink and red welts working around the handle for four welts and then around both sides inserting the yellow top.

The biggest challenge posed the nozzle. I didn’t want to put short rows in. Indeed I couldn’t quite imagine how to do the welts as short rows. Therefore I increased and decreased stitches to form the nozzle, which together with the three colours coming together in the front resulted in something resembling American Art Deco.

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Paper lichen

My son and I went to grab a German sausage from the market on Sunday (he tomato sauce, I heaps of German mustard on top) and saw what my son called ‘paper lichen’ on the wall of the Guildhall. I asked ‘Paper lichen?’. He thought that so obvious he couldn’t believe I asked. ‘They are made from paper and are on the wall’ he exclaimed. I had forgotten we had explored lichens a couple of years ago.

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