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Three Beauties

I was so busy at work this week that I wasn’t even able to knit much in the evenings. I just fell into bed before 9 o’clock most days.

But The Great Gatsby is coming along at last. I finally figured out how I want to do the bust and am knitting along nicely today.

Looks a bit small at the moment and has more the feel of a bed jacket but that will change when it’s finished. I might even have the buttons for the front. I found these three beauties on my charity shopping trip this morning. They are only plastic but that makes them less heavy than glass hearts, which, I think, is quite good for a finely knit garment as this. They are different sizes, which makes it more interesting. Just have to think of a way to fix them on now.


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The Great Gatsby

My latest project is a pink cashmere jacket. It once was a jumper from Tesco. I think I paid £2 or something. Not in Tesco, in a charity shop.

Cashmere is relatively easy to unravel even if it has been washed and worn quite a lot. This one was no problem. I like pink because think it goes with my skin colour but it’s a bit hard to get in charity shops if you want good quality. There are tons of pink acrylic jumpers out there but cashmere is rare.

I went for a design with flared short sleeves and empire line. I’m usually not the frilly type but I couldn’t resist this frilly edging I had found in an old knitting magazine. The yarn is almost cobweb and hence the garter stitch took me ages. I managed not to compute the necessary stitches incorrectly and had to open up the body after I had already spent 2 weeks on gartering away in front of the telly. Actually, during that time I listened to an audio tape, The Great Gatsby. I remember listening to it while growling at myself for not having thought the main body part through properly before starting it. The weird thing is that listening to a book is completely different from reading it yourself. You pick up completely different things along the way. The grass seemed to be so much greener when listening.

I started knitting sleeves and main body together yesterday. Ya, I know looks unrecognizable but that will change in a few centimeters. I don’t like seams and therefore tend to knit sleeves and body together as a sort of raglan with shaped arm holes further up. Whenever I sew sleeves onto bodies I find they don’t fit properly. They look much better when I knit them together.

I’m already thinking about the buttons for the front. I think I will go for
crocheted ones, but then, I’m sure something else will cross my mind or path.

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