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nojunkmailpleaseMy housemate put this on the door some days ago. She is great! We get so much junk mail every week, we could continuously plaster our walls never running out of material. Most of the flyers are take away/restaurant menus. Only, we cook ourselves. All of us. Then you never fail to get the cleaning and gardening services flyers, which are not so bad, because they are usually small and you can use the back for your shopping list. But the biggest chunk of old paperĀ are these stupid, free local newspapers that tell you about the latest bike accident on your road and which person at the other end of town has lost a wallet.


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If you would like some stitch markers but don’t want to spend the money you can use the little plastic or metal rings from old bras you want to throw away. Bras usually have two such rings connecting the two straps with the main part in the back. The nice thing is that the rings come in colours you like because they are from your bras (do not tell me you are wearing lingerie you do not like) and they have different sizes too to fit different needle sizes. It takes a little time to collect enough unless your friends like to contribute their old bras.

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