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Here my first modules put together. Only more than halfway through doing all these I figured that I don’t need to cut a full square becuase the corners are cut away and can therefore  use the shrunk jumper pieces more efficiently by placing the template running over the pieces.


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Sometimes commercial jumpers are not fit for frogging. I don’t know whether they come like this or become like this in the wash but some yarns just disintegrate when you try to unravel them. That is pretty annoying but being me I can’t throw them away but have to put them with all those jumpers that found an accidental shrink in the washing machine (I get my wool cycle a bit wrong sometimes). In my unfathomable depth of positivity I tell myself that something will become of them one day…


Second test

It seems this ‘one day…’ has come, I am making something. I stumbled upon this modular felt trivet on How about Orange and thought, that’s it!

Because the trivets are made from commercial felt whereas I have just shrunk knitwear, I made a few tests. My first test I seriously don’t want to show anyone. The felted pieces are not stiff enough to be cut properly. They give way, especially when I cut them with the scalpel. I used my little sharp embroidery scissors whenever possible. For the second test, and in the hope that the resulting fabric would be denser, I shrunk them again with another wash at 60 degrees . My second test looks very encouraging. I first enlarged the template to about 13 cm square because I didn’t like the look of the little squares. Cutting  bigger squares was easier, but I still had to be careful.

I’m pretty chuffed with my second test. I think I will make some wall art with the rest of the pile. More on this next weekend.

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