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Third! Curve of Pursuit

I did a bit of Popknitting making a tea cosy for my cubical Goblin teapots out of some odd balls that I had left from making my third Curve of Pursuit afghan (yes, third; I simply love that pattern; this one is made from a stash of yellow, pink and bright red mohair/silk yarn dating as far back as the 1980s). Goblin teapots belong to Teasmades, those glorious machines that make tea for you in the morning without you having to get up. Not that I use my two Teasmades. They are pure pieces of decoration. But I have two single teapots that I regularly use.

I love Popknitting. It’s big and bold and beautiful. I used the ‘slipped stitches to form welts‘ pattern from pages 56 and 57. I started from the handle knitting on both sides of the yellow cast-on. After one welt I switched to alternating pink and red welts working around the handle for four welts and then around both sides inserting the yellow top.

The biggest challenge posed the nozzle. I didn’t want to put short rows in. Indeed I couldn’t quite imagine how to do the welts as short rows. Therefore I increased and decreased stitches to form the nozzle, which together with the three colours coming together in the front resulted in something resembling American Art Deco.


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balaclava with measles
I’m working on another crochet project. A tea cosy. I got hooked by the idea of bobbles I first used for the fly agaric pincushion. For the fly agaric I made bobbles with three double trebles to give it a slightly more odd shaped appearance. In real life fly agarics have anything but smoothly shaped white spots. For the tea cosy I opted for a more round version with four trebles to give it perfect circles in the style of my new polka dot tray. Though at the moment the cosy looks more like a tea balaclava with measles.

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